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Gayle King on Susan Klebold Mother of Columbine Shooter. Looking down at the prefect bundle in my arms, I was overcome by a strong premonition: this child would bring me a terrible sorrow.” There is a particular sort of thtrope the author of a book about a mass ing has to walk in order to sufficiently humanize the ers without excusing them—especially if that author happens to be the mother of the mass murderer, as is the case with by Sue Klebold. Gayle King on <em>Susan</em> <em>Klebold</em> Mother of Columbine Shooter.
ABC News Internet. he's written a school paper about a man in a black trench coat who. For the full essay by Susan Klebold.

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Za Sitemap Her son Dylan Klebold ed himself after he and his classmate Eric Harris carried out the 1999 attack on Columbine Hh School in which 12 students and one teacher died and more than 20 others were wounded. Za Sitemap
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Essay by dylan klebold, How to Write. - The interview helped further fill in a complicated family portrait, writes Dave Cullen, author of the definitive history On April 20, 1999, Sue Klebold’s initial reaction to the mass shooting at Columbine was like so many other parents of children at the Colorado hh school.“My first thought was Dylan may be in danger,” she told Diane Sawyer on on Friday nht as part of her first television interview in the nearly 17 years since the shooting. She began hyperventilating, she said, trying to talk herself down.“The police were there, and the helicopters were going over, and I remember thinking, ‘If this is true, if Dylan is really hurting people, somehow, he has to be stopped,’” she told Sawyer. That admission, the most breath-taking of the hour, wasn't actually new. Hard as I tried, I couldn't picture her actually saying it. A prominent poll showed 83 percent of Americans placed blame partly on the women and their husbands for Columbine. Don Marxhausen, who performed Dylan‘s secret funeral, famously described Tom and Sue Klebold as “the loneliest people on the planet.”Sue has actually come to us in startling glimpses in text three times before Friday nht: a David Brooks column in the interview. <u>Essay</u> by dylan <u>klebold</u>, How to Write. -
International life without trees in one of this very well written essay. Klebold's college writing teacher. klebold. Browse susan klebolds o, essays on the girls.

XX Factor - Politics, Business, Technology, The magazine released a few advance excerpts.“From the writings Dylan left behind, criminal psychologists have concluded that he was depressed and suicidal,” Susan Klebold wrote in one passage. XX Factor - Politics, Business, Technology,
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